GET provide many types of travel programmes globally for a range of guests, from school groups to corporate clients and FIT’s (Frequent Independent Travellers). We have over 20 years experience working within the travel industry, offering adventure, cultural and educational travel programmes and each trip is unique to the guests we support.

Through our extensive experience we maintain that safety is our top priority with all activities we offer. If we can ensure our guests are participating in a safe environment, we can ensure they are going to have a fulfilling and fun experience.

As an affiliated IKO Pro Center, KITEsurfOMAN follows the high standards required to operate kiteboarding activities and courses.

Our company has tour operators liability insurance for the activities we offer. We also carry out risk assessments for those tours and activities we offer, and we work with reputable leaders in the travel and tourism industry to support us with the provision of the programmes we provide.


Our team regularly check and maintain the equipment we use. We follow the IKO standards for kitesurfing to ensure our students and guests are using the most up-to date safety equipment and following the safety guidelines common across international kiteboarding organisations.

  • When you book lessons/courses with us you will be required to:
    • Sign the GET Waiver of participation OR the IKO waiver of participation (although we endeavour to manage all risks, there are still factors outside of our control).
    • Wear a suitable, regulation helmet
    • Use functional safety equipment on all bars
    • Kite-leashes with quick release on all bars including trainer kites
    • Wear a 50 newton buoyancy aid during a session.
    • Wear a harness with a handle
    • Follow the rules of our school to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
First Aid:

Our kite school has a comprehensive first aid kit which also includes a spine board and Oregon Spine Split and our team are first aid trained.


Our team carry mobile phones and emergency numbers are displayed at our kite spots during sessions. We also carry a satellite phone to those remote locations when needed.

Support Craft:

During our sessions we have a support vehicle and, where necessary, a boat/water-craft on standby. There is also a coastguard for emergency contact in the event it is required.

Site Maps:

We have site maps which indicate those areas for beginners and advanced users, plus areas which are no-fly zones. Other information is also illustrated on the maps, such as entry and exit for vehicles, and other risks in the area, such as objects, buildings, electricity lines etc..

Beach signs:

When at our kite-spots we provide various information to our kiters whether participating on a course or kiting for leisure, and those other beach users in the area: Flags to indicate our kiting and training area, limit zone, plus the signs shown above for quick and easy reference.

For more information please contact us. To see our waiver of participation click the link: