Masirah Island

Masirah Island:

Our home from home. When the summer season arrives we move our equipment and team to Masirah Island, where we offer a range of accommodation packages and other activities for guests: biking, hiking, yoga, kayaking, boat trips and more.

Our kite centre operates out of the Masirah Beach Camp from May to September offering several accommodation options for every budget. Bookings can be made through our contact page.

Accommodations: In addition to the Masirah Beach Camp there are local guest houses and the main Masirah Island Resort and several newer motel options in town. The travel time to the furthest kite-spots in Masirah is approximately twenty minutes from the Beach Camp or a 2 minute walk to the nearest beach when conditions allow.

Masirah Island boasts a range of shallow water areas perfect for kiting, along with the world class wind conditions which blow through the summer months. The wind comes from the south during the Khareef monsoonal season in southern Oman. With its flat water lagoons Masirah is a world class destination.

The journey to Masirah can take some time, with a 4-5 hour drive to Shannah Port and a 1 hour ferry ride to the island. Guests are advised to book their ferry tickets in advance and use the NFC ferry services.

We regularly publish package offers including other outdoor activities which are provided by our team on the island. Contact us or follow us on instagram for the latest offers.

Masirah Beach Camp
Masirah Beach Camp
Ghar Sheik kitespot

“We really enjoyed our mini-escape to Masirah. The staff at the hotel were super-helpful and food and pool was great….”